Distributed Document-Oriented

SequoiaDB - Mainframe Offloading

With the rise of digital businesses, every industry is facing new challenges. The widespread adoption of web, mobile, social, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things applications has triggered a new wave of data explosion. Leveraging the scalable capabilities of SequoiaDB, a distributed document-oriented database, enterprises can horizontally distribute massive amounts of data and offload read-only query operations to other nodes. This effectively alleviates the burden on the main host, enabling host migration.

Host migration is a complex technical endeavour that significantly reduces the workload on the main host and enhances overall system performance, thereby improving the query capacity for high-concurrency scenarios. It also adds value to architectural transformations, assisting enterprises in reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and effectively adapting to the rapid development and diverse data structures inherent in digital transformation requirements.

As a result, SequoiaDB facilitates businesses in meeting the demands of digital transformation, enabling them to cope with the swift pace of business growth and the ever-changing landscape of data structures.

Technical Features

High Concurrent Queries

We offer high concurrent access and the ability to build indexes on structured and semi-structured data to support the real-time performance requirements of massive end-user transactions.

Flexible Scalability

Our storage layer utilizes resource pooling and supports online horizontal elastic scaling, enabling read-only query offloading to reduce host loads.

Efficient Development

With a flexible JSON document structure, we can significantly accelerate the speed of developing new applications and digital experiences.

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