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The application of SequoiaDB in financial transaction business

The online transaction system is one of the bank's most important core systems. With the evolution of technology and  regulatory policy updates, the main pain points faced by current core banking trading systems are as follows:

• Data volume and performance expansion: with the development of Internet services, the core trading system has gradually increased performance requirements such as data volume and concurrency.

• Distributed architecture transition: distributed architecture brings many benefits in terms of scalability and high availability. Therefore, the online transaction system of banks also needs the transition of distributed architecture to cope with multiple business requirements, such as performance, cost, cross-regional management and data security

• Transaction and consistency: transaction and data consistency are the exclusive requirement in core system databases, and it is important to ensure that transactions and consistency in online systems.

Online transaction is one of the most widely used scenarios for databases, and it is often used to support core business operations. The core business value of distributed online transaction database includes: distributed architecture transition, high concurrency, high processing capacity, continuous business expansion capability, and autonomous controllable and data security requirement.

As an enterprise-class distributed database, SequoiaDB supports online transaction services. SequoiaDB is a distributed database compatible with traditional relational databases, which has performance and reliability of high-end financial databases, and simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open source databases. As a distributed database that supports SQL, OLTP fully transaction and strong consistency, SequoiaDB is  compatible with PostgreSQL and MySQL protocol. Users can use standard PostgreSQL and MySQL client, JDBC or ODBC drivers to connect with SequoiaDB.

With flexible scalability, SequoiaDB  supports distributed business with across-table and across-node capabilities, while guaranteeing service stability and data reliability with up to 7 copies of data replications. In addition, SequoiaDB also supports configurable real-time or asynchronous data replication among off-site multi-data lakes.

In terms of operation and maintenance, SequoiaDB can guarantee that the cluster will automatically recover, no human interference is needed. In the process of automatic recovery, the services of the entire partition are automatically migrated to other normal data replicas. The application runs completely transparent and undetected.

SequoiaDB provides database support for online applications of financial and government agencies, including online banking systems such as direct banking, P2P financing, third-party payment, and government information, and seamlessly interfaces with existing applications.